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About us

Al Jassar Trading is an ISO 9001:2015 certified division, is the first venture and flagship of the group. During these years it has established a prominent position in the Oman Infrastructure market. It represents many well reputed manufacturers from across the globe for its wide variety of products for the building construction, water related, waste water conveyance, road related and other infrastructure construction. Al Jassar has a presence for almost 17 years in Oman market.

Al Jassar has set a benchmark in the HVAC industry providing complete solutions for ducting and pipe insulation needs. It  also provides other major products which include PRE-insulated pipes, Grills & Diffusers, Dampers, Extract Fans, GRP-water storage tanks, Grease & Oil separators, Piping products etc.

Our Trading division is also specialized in sourcing materials from other countries products which are not available in the local market which needs specialized sourcing representatives located in the strategic points across the globe.